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Budget 2018: Buoyant exports mask problems at home for exporters.

Indian exports, particularly from the month of August, have been increasing with the first nine months of 2017-18 clocking around 12% growth. With exports of about $224 billion during the same period India is on course to achieve $300 billion of exports. However, the numbers hide the fact that exports in the country are […]

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India Import Data-A boon to India as a consumer

India being the 2nd most populated country has a titanic international market, so it needs to import lots of good to meet the growing demands of the people. These reasons attribute to India slowly rising as a major power in international market which will soon put it on the top after USA.However, when looking […]

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How to start export import Business

If one wants to starts export import business one needs to do a lot of survey about the country in which one is entering and collect import export data.One need to make sure that in case of an import business the commodity imported are not being produced in the country as economically as it […]

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Import Duty Calculator – Why it is important to your business?

The import duty calculator is an accurate and easy tool to calculate your import duties and VAT rates allowing you to ascertain your probable tax liability on goods you plan to bring in to your country. The import duty calculator has proved to be a boon for businessmen as they can calculate the real […]

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DGFT: Directorate General of Foreign Trade

DGFT India has its offices in all the major cities. Its Delhi office is located at IP Bhawan, New Delhi.
JDGFT Delhi (Joint Directorate of Foreign Trade) is the Zonal Office (North Zone) under Ministry of Commerce, Government of India with nine Regional Offices under its jurisdiction. The office is engaged in providing benefits to […]

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