With the help of import data, you remain informed about each and every change that takes place in the business of global import. The global import data helps traders earn profits and take their businesses to new heights. This helps in developing an understanding of the trade market conditions and demands of the products.

Did you know that the largest importer in the world is United States of America that chiefly imports machines, electrical machinery & equipment, organic chemicals, vehicles, plastics, germs, medical and technical apparatus, optical, furniture, etc. Then comes China, the world’s second biggest importing nation and the list continues with

  • Germany
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Hong Kong
  • Netherlands
  • South Korea
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • India

In fact, import from China to India has been done on a large scale since the time global trading gathered a lot of attention from the merchants all over the world. However, if you have a keen interest in importing products from China to India, then there are various parameters which you have to consider in order to meet your requirements. Primarily, you will be required to fulfill the criteria of international trading. Following are the steps that need to be taken when you want to establish an import-export business in India:

  • A company or a firm must be listed in India
  • Need to have an IE, i.e. Importer Exporter Code
  • A current bank account
  • TIN

Besides, you also need to have the importer exporter code for facilitating import from China to India or vice versa. This code is a 10-digit code, which is issued by the Ministry of Commerce or Director General of Foreign Trade, Government of India, to Indian companies or firms. Thus, it’s important to have all the things right in place to avoid the last minute hassles and ensure a smooth transition of goods.

**India Export Import Data; Post 2004 as per notification no 128/2004 does not have names of Indian   companies.
**India Export Import Data is available from Jan-2010 to 26th November-2016.