No matter how advanced the world might get, affecting the living styles and requirements of the people, classic wood furniture has its own relevance. Substantial quantities of classic wooden furniture are being sold to the USA furniture importers every year. A close review of the past year’s US import data for plastic reveals that almost 25% of the US furniture merchandise are being exported from India. The Indian furniture market has been growing by leaps and bounds adding to the profit share of the Indian furniture manufacturers and exporters. The market is filled with hundreds of furniture exporters who have been selling different types of wooden furniture to the USA importers.

Factors adding to the phenomenal growth of Indian furniture industry

The growth of the Indian furniture industry in phenomenal and several factors are responsible for this. But one of the most important factors that have added to the growth of this industry is the exponential growth of import export activities. Due to import activities we have been able to bring in new methods, improved technologies and hi-tech production lines to our country. This has added to the manufacturing power of the existing operators. On the other hand, the rise of export activities had opened new horizons of the international market. This has resulted in increased sales figures adding to the demand of the product. As a combined effect growth of the export import industry has subsequently added to the growth of the furniture industry of our country.

Off late, the USA furniture importers have been buying numerous products from our country ranging from Furniture and Home Furnishing Products; to New Furniture benches, panels, frames, tops, Shelves, etc; to Cable, Stamped Ferrule (Parts For Safety Seat) Book Wooden Furniture Blanket Chest; to Hinges, Designed For Motor Veh Metal Furniture Cabinets Metal Furniture Parts-steel Frames Shipper’s Load, count and Seal; to  Surgery Furniture; to Set Of Furniture and Handicraft Consisting of – Chair, Table, sun bed, bench, base, Carving, drum, top Table, toy Bicycle, House Finial Shield, head Buddha, walking Cane and so on. All these goods are being manufactured in different parts of India including Jaipur, Agra, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, etc. and then exported to different parts of the world.

Indian furniture Exporters exploring new venues of the US market

For improving trade venues, the Indian furniture exporters are always looking for ways to sell their products to USA importers. The database services of the online database companies like Infodrive India aids the growth of Indian exporters and provides new business opportunities for them. Easy availability of US import data for furniture makes it easy for our country’s exporters to find new buyers in the US market. The information provided by the database companies can be used by the exporters for making excellent directories to look for active USA furniture importers. The online database services are the real stepping stones of success for the Indian exporters.