Not very long ago India used to be largely an importing country which relied upon the imports of very goods and raw materials from abroad to meet the demand of its domestic industry and the market. However, after opening up of the economy in the early nineties the economy became much robust and many Indian companies started venturing into the foreign shores to sell their products and services. The result is that today India ranks one of the top ten exporter many products which include some high-end products as well.
Of late chemical industry has emerged as a significant industry which has shown tremendous growth during the past decades.  It would be pertinent to note that Chemical industry plays an important role in the growth and development of many crucial sectors such as agriculture, food, industry etc. It would not be wrong to say that chemical industry serves the Indian economy directly as well indirectly. The chemical industry adds to India’s foreign reserves by way of exports to several countries across the globe.
It may come an as pleasant surprise that chemical industry amounts to more than one-third of India’s export earnings. India indeed is the third largest producer in Asia in major chemicals including agrochemicals, polymers and plastics, dyes and various organic and inorganic chemicals. The credit for this goes to the Indian exporters who have worked ardently to maintain the quality and honored their commitment which goes a long way in building reputation abroad.
Chemical exports basked of India comprise many diversified product groups such as inorganic and organic chemicals, plastics and petrochemicals, drugs and pharmaceuticals, dyes and pigments, pesticides, agrochemicals, and fertilizers. Organic chemicals and pharmaceuticals are the two top exports of India in this category.
Many of the chemical exporters of India are also manufacturers themselves so they have full control over the quality and the production line thus giving the best product in the international market. The Indian chemical industry is made of a large number of small, medium and large-sized companies in both public and private sector. These chemical companies in India are growing at a phenomenal rate owing to rising demand for chemicals in the international market.
Though Indian exporters of chemical export their products around the world but the USA and China happen to be the primary destination. Some of the top exporters of chemicals in India are :
  1. Aarti Industries Limited which manufactures dyes, agrochemicals, pigments, rubber chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
  2. Central Drug House Private Limited, popularly known as CDH was founded in 1981 and is known to bring an extensive variety of high-quality lab chemicals and dehydrated culture media.
  3. Alpha Chemika is a pioneer in the field of production, supply, and export of a comprehensive range of lab chemicals used in industries and research departments.
  4. Gangwal Chemicals Private Limited it not only caters to the demand of specialty chemicals company in India but also is a major exporter the world over.
  5. Kolor Jet Chemical Pvt. Ltd. Is yet another prominent manufacturer of dyeing products in India. It has a comprehensive product supply including inkjet dyes, wax printing dyes, natural and synthetic food colors, specialty chemicals, soap wax dyes and a lot more.