Indian textile importers and exporters have been doing substantial amount of trading with USA textile importers and exporters. Though the textile products of the country are liked a lot in the entire global market, but a major share of the business comes from United States of America.

Indian textile and Garment Industry has been growing steadily since the last decade. Our textile industry is largely diversified contributing a huge ratio into the development of industrial production, increasing number of employment, and economical development of the country. It is the second largest employment provider of the country engaging more than 30 million people. The textile industry now accounts for a major share of the foreign trade as well. Enormous quantities of textile and readymade garments are exported and imported from India every year.

New policies and guidelines evolved by Government have led to a smooth flow of foreign trade transaction increasing the magnitude of import export trade. International trading has never been so easy in the past, as it is now with the aid of import export data. The ace online database companies like Infodrive India provides exhaustive textile importers and exporters data for access to the world. The online database companies provide import export data covering all the sectors viz., apparel/garment, machinery, fiber, dyes, trims, equipments, accessory, yarn, and fabrics. The best part of this database is that the traders can simply go online from any part of the world at anytime to access millions of valuable records from their desktops. For example – A USA textile importers or exporter trading with Indian buyers/sellers can easily access the textile importers export data over the internet with a single click of the mouse. This database contains all the relevant details like Date, HS-Code, India Exporters Name, City, Product Description, Port of Destination, Country of origin, Accessible in INR, Accessible Value in USD, Quantity, Unit, and Unit Rate (INR). All this data can be accessed for referring to relevant information and planning the business moves accordingly. Now importing the best merchandise from India or any other country for that purpose is no more an obstacle, the USA textile importers can easily prepare a list of Indian sellers (trading in his particular domain) and approach different merchants for the best quality merchandise at the most economical prices.

The online textile importers and exporters data provides an integrated approach to help out the USA textile importers and exporters. With the aid of online database services of a reliable company, the international traders can enjoy complete access over other international trading firms, added on with a high level of accuracy, originality and thoroughness.