When you start a company or any business, you cannot do everything on your own, but need good resources with different skills and area of expertise in order to have all the elements required to make it a success. Same goes with the import and export industry as well. Like a very common practice in India, different business outsource different branches of their work in order to get the work done without spending on extra resources and infrastructure.

There are many portals and data agencies which hire their own resources and do the research to collect data on different topics. This data can be accessed by any organization by simply buying their services at reasonable prices and getting the desired information at their comfort.

Companies involved in the import export of India are highly recommended to opt for such services because:

  1. It’s a great way to move towards smart business as you need not to spend much but benefits in return are huge.
  2. 2. The agencies have their links and tie ups with the concerned government and not government organizations for collecting authentic import export data of India.
  3. You can even get comparative data from them to have a broader perspective.
  4. They even simplify the information for you and let you search with different search criteria differently to break the data on a micro level.
  5. The extra benefit is, you can ask the information about different industries too, all you have to do is tell them about your changed requirements

Import export data of India is very diverse as India is a big market and being a developing nation numbers keep fluctuating. One needs to keep a constant eye to not miss a single trend and to be able to make the most out of it.

**India Export Import Data; Post 2004 as per notification no 128/2004 does not have names of Indian   companies.

**India Export Import Data is available from Jan-2010 to 26th November-2016.