Craig Thornburrow asked:

Printing postage online can be an easy and economical alternative to making daily or weekly trips to the post office. Whether you wish to send letters or parcels, it is advantageous to use online services since there will be an increase in stamps as well as Priority Mail and Express Mail scheduled for May 12, 2008.

In addition, the United Postal Service will also be implementing two new shipping services that will be more cost-effective. The first is called “Parcel Select,” which will offer special pricing for packages that are considered medium and large. The second shipping service is “Parcel Return Service,” which is designed to reduce the price for packages that are lighter in weight.

The current 41 cent stamp, also known as the “Forever Stamp,” was implemented so that any future rise in the cost of first class stamps would not apply. However, on May 12th, the cost of first class stamps will increase to 42 cents. But, as long as you utilize the “Forever Stamps,” you will not have to add an additional penny stamp. It should also be noted that currently, there are only five million “Forever Stamps” available.

While utilizing postage online is a feature that allows for exact postage to be determined, and considering the impending rate change, printing postage stamps will afford you the opportunity to post letters and packages for your business needs as well.

June is only two months away and undoubtedly there will be many graduation parties. To reduce the cost of sending out invitations, printing postage stamps online will save valuable time for those of you who are planning graduation parties. Moreover, if you have a home business wherein you plan to send out flyers, newsletters, or packages; printing postage labels online is accurate, fast, and enables you to spend more time focused on your business.

Printing postage online has become the wave of the future. In addition, as we strive to cope with the current economic recession, finding new cost-effective alternatives to reduce the amount of expenditures has become a necessity. Therefore, research the many postage online sites to determine which one best meet your needs. Most of the well-known sites offer digital scales and other features that allows for accurate reading of letters and parcels as well as printing labels for all your mailing needs.

Finally, having the ability to print postage online from your own home and not having to wait on long lines at the Post Office is one of the many benefits of these online services.

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