The JNPT customs provides a facility for online filing of declarations, returns and claims. A facility for checking its status online has also been provided. Updated directories of the customs are available to help the users to get all the relevant information. These records include complete information about the product imported or exported along with the actual description as listed in the shipping documents. Online access to the country and port of origin and destination can also be gained. Online facilities have also been provided in the Jawaharlal Nehru port database to find the authentic Indian traders.

The strategy of the online JNPT facility is to provide a single point access to all the trade transactions taking place. A network of custom codes and centralized security are some of the strategies. Information regarding the trade via this port is transformed and stored in a form which is easy to access and use by the traders. It acts as a base for providing consultancy to the traders through the previous trade transactions records.

The Jawaharlal Nehru port database provides an excellent directory for finding new and authentic Indian traders listed along with their contact details. The online services keeps the traders updated on any amendments and reforms in the port rules and information regarding new rules formulated. The strategy behind providing an online database of this major port is to give help and support to traders in establishing efficient trade relations.