The major hub for import and export is the Jawaharlal Nehru (JNPT).The only Indian port built to international standards; it handles the maximum part of India’s port traffic. The JNPT export data is available online and is a means of providing consultancy to traders. Various sites provide traders online links to access the current and historical trade data to assist them in their trading.

The traders can get easy online access to millions of records of the JNPT export. This JNPT export data is based on the actual Indian shipping bills and invoices filed with Indian customs. This online database is the best field to access new emerging Indian export market. Online sites compile a highly customized, accurate directory of the Indian seller listed in the JNPT export data. For further support to the users these online services contain Indian exporters’ names, address and all the important contact details. This is an excellent directory to find authentic and active Indian exporters. The JNPT export database is also provided with live online links that gives access to all the useful additional information to the user. The data is updated daily and all the HS codes listed with JNPT necessary for international trading have also been provided. All you need to do is subscribe once and the downloading starts within minutes. The best thing about this online database is it provides vast details and records at minimal charges. The entire export data can be accessed online by paying a minimal amount. The mode of payment is also easy.

The online database includes all the relevant information like the product name and the actual product description as entered in the shipment documents. The harmonized code along with the HS description has also been provided. The quantity along with the unit of quantity has been listed too. Information regarding the export value in INR and US $ and the country and port of destination and origin is also available through the online JNPT export data. The access to this online data can be gained by subscribing to any of various the subscription plans listed to suit the user’s requirements. This online service is also assisted by a search engine which provides the user a base for searching the record and information he requires. Such online facilities give traders complete assistance by providing consultancy based on the previous trade transactions listed in this database available online.