Dylan Sun asked:

There are about forty thousand multinational companies operating world wide and almost 200,000 overseas joint ventures that run across the continents. Many of these collaborations and joint ventures have concerns, directly or indirectly, with China business enterprises. The access to China through world-wide international trade investments is increasing day by day.

Moreover, due to globalization the extent to which China’s international trade and investments bears an impact is very wide. It is due to globalization that the international market has a direct approach to acquire modern technology and consequently reduce the problems of distribution and stumpy internal coordination expenses. It has opened the doors for the specialization of network services and products with collective support of companies. Business process outsourcing for both internal activities and external activities is the result of globalization of international trade and global investments. Business process outsourcing is the common concept in the entire world and China is one of the leading countries that provide such services. For quality work and performance the outsourcing companies often select China as their business collaborators.

International Trade Software – What’s it actually?

International Trade Software isn’t something that creates customized invoices or Certificates of Origin. Good International Trade Software combines ERP software made specifically for both importers and exporters to manage order processing, inventory & shipment tracking, automate documentation.

You can have dedicated software for marketing support and enquiry tracking in addition to available software in the area of shipping, logistics, freight and EDI.

Advanced software products facilitate internet-based transaction management besides providing facilities for central data exchange. Most international trade products are built for both Windows and Linux platforms using either .NET or J2EE.

Processing applications for the Certificate of Origin can be automated using the built in modules in the international trade software. The Certificate of Origin is an essential documents declaring the place of origin of goods imported or exported and with the software, the process of applying and availing it can be made over the internet. For inspection of international trade goods, packing materials and container through CIQ, make use of application built in for declaration processing. Permit and registration handling module lets you register planned goods by applying for a permit.

Software or not, international trade requires lots of diligent planning and execution and trade software can only remove errors from routine international trade procedure.

Different software companies were recently contacted besides traders in order to evaluate the need level for an international trade software. Its accreditation run a lot of public debate in the recent past and the advancement being observed with BSi, it is more or less clear that the time has arrived for an appropriate non-VAT software too.

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