Being one of the most populated countries of the world, Indian importers buy several commodities from the global traders to fulfill the demands and requirements of the citizens. A quick review of the Indian import data reveals the very fact that almost every commodity including textile, garment, chemicals, machinery, technology, furniture, plastic, petrol, kerosene, diesel, automobile parts, machine parts, food gains, pesticides, and so on are imported to our country in bulk quantities every year. Let us discuss the two most important reasons behind the rise of import activities in our country:

Globalization and increasing influence of the western culture

As an after effect of mass globalization, the world is becoming a smaller place. Nowadays, sitting in our own country, you can easily view the fashion, trends and culture of other countries. This has brought a revolutionary change in the choice and demand of the people. Fashion and lifestyle have acquired a global status, wherein the influence of western societies can be easily cited. Right from clothing lines to fashion accessories, hi-tech machinery to plastic toys, petroleum refineries to latest style furniture almost every commodity is beings imported from the developed nations of fulfill the demands of people. For instance – Indian garment importers buy bulk quantities of readymade garment and textile every year from USA, UK, China, Italy and several other countries. Imported garment is more popular in India than regular Indian make. Due to increasing influence of the western societies, Indian garment importers are often found importing western style clothes like denims, t-shirts, shirts, skirts, etc.

Improving online technologies and easy availability of Indian import data

Internet has become the life and blood of almost every business. Even in the arena of export import, the easy availability on online Indian import data and export data from companies like Infodrive India, has added tremendous value to the trade. Exporters and importers throughout the world can now easily access global export import data over the Internet from any place of their choice. Through this database, the traders can access large number of genuine and reliable trade leads. It enables them to get a handy access to contact details of numerous active exporters and importers who are dealing in the similar products of their interest along with good classification and feedback from genuine queries. For instance – if a trader wants to access the Indian furniture importers data, he would be able to know about those traders who have been importing different types of furniture in India. Such a database would help you to review the contact details of active Indian furniture importers. You can also review details like who has been importing which products from where and at what rates. You can also gather other relevant information like HS code, date, actual product description, port of destination, port of origin, country of origin, Accessible value in INR (Rs), Accessible value in USD, quantity, Unit, and Unit Rate.