India being the 2nd most populated country has a titanic international market, so it needs to import lots of good to meet the growing demands of the people. These reasons attribute to India slowly rising as a major power in international market which will soon put it on the top after USA.However, when looking for a particular product; it is not an easy job to satisfy the needs of the consumers. So, there is a need of concrete import data which provides various details according to which the choices can be made on the part of the consumer.

The government body DGFT prepares a detailed database of import data. This database provides easy access to large number of genuine and reliable trade leads.So, the customer can easily get contact details of various exporters who deal in a certain product of interest. In addition to this, a classification of goods is made to further reduce the burden choosing between products. A feedback from genuine queries which helps in knowing the experience of previous traders and become aware of the problems they may face.

There are many questions in the mind of the customers, while striking a deal. Various questions about price of import, country, the port and mode of transfer. Import data provides a precise answer to all these queries as it contains the details of the importers name,address,description of product, the quantity, harmonized system(HS) code, date of shipment,duties,taxes and the price of the product. Hence, the data provides humongous information to the importer to decide what imports to trade in and from where. The India import data is made available through various websites online.So, the access of this huge database provides a well crafted reports on market trends and projection of prices and demands of the good. These are classified into well organized sections. Every product is assigned a unique HS code and can be accessed through this code.

Although the entire India import data is made available, but the discretion with which the customer treats and analyzes the data leds to the success of the business and ultimately impacts the Indian economy. The import data will provide the customer will the entire details traders for buyer and seller and improves   the business.