If one wants to starts export import business one needs to do a lot of survey about the country in which one is entering and collect import export data.One need to make sure that in case of an import business the commodity imported are not being produced in the country as economically as it is produces in the country where it is imported from or make sure that the quality too good to impress the consumers. In case of Export Business one needs to know the commodity he is selling is sold at a price which covers the cost of the commodity produced along with the taxes paid while exporting. To know information about the duty and the taxes one thing which can be of a great help is the export import data of a particular country.

In India, The Export Import Data covers Indian foreign trade with over 200 countries around the world and represents transactions of over 2,00,000 Indian Exporters Importers. The import data provides information about the trade not only of the present but also of the past. The data also gives information on the Indian import duty rates, Indian DEPB rates, Duty drawback rates, HS code live link which are very important for the trader to know before starting import export business. The import data released is fully authentic as it is released under the supervision of the government of India. The data is considered to be around 90% complete and this percentage also varies time to time. Besides that the trader needs to get himself registered and get an import export code (IEC) issued to start his operations in India.

For an importer it is important to know the import data year wise, month wise and ports wise which makes it useful for the importer to know what exactly the particular country is importing and what are the better destinations it is imported from and value of the import, the percentage increase in the value and volume of different commodities etc. This data is available online on a number of websites. The import export data is considered to be the bible for exporters which gives them the information on the goods exported, the destinations to which it is exported, the increase in the value and the volume which helps the exporter the knowledge of the commodities he can export profitably.