Import export data providers have their own challenges which become the reason of malpractices in the field. You, being someone who aspires a growing business, have to pay attention to the source you are choosing for your information.

Import and export is one of the most flourishing businesses all over the world, including India. We have been sending and receiving goods for decades now. A lot of things have changed during this time, like the requirements and demand all over world, number of ports available, the way we do business, government regulations around the globe and most importantly the amount of information available and accessibility of data and statistics.

In the marketplace of India, export import data has been playing a crucial role these days. As the traders are taking a research based approach to make the business profitable, the trend of data providers is increasing. But something which has such an impact on the profit numbers has to be chosen carefully.

  1. Many data services will offer cheap and lucrative packages to you and you might fall prey to these. Before going for these packages you need to think twice because the data might not be authentic.
  2. Some data providing websites might play tricks as well. They might give you the correct data for initial few days and later on they might just make slight changes randomly and create an illusion of correct data.
  3. You need to check the customer base of all the websites you choose to take services from.
  4. The number of years since the company has been into the market should also be considered as nobody can sustain in the business with fake information.
  5. You need to keep a keen eye on the data and statistics during initial months. You can try working on comparative data strategy.

In the market place of India, export import data has brought a revolutionary change. But, like everything else this has also come with some merits and demerits. In order to be able to have the benefits you need to be extra cautious and play intelligently.

**India Export Import Data; Post 2004 as per notification no 128/2004 does not have names of Indian   companies.

**India Export Import Data is available from Jan-2010 to 26th November-2016.