From building large edifices to pesticides for harvest, the need for chemicals always persists in the industries on a regular basis. There are some items which chemical importers in India particularly take from other countries.

Chemical industry occupies a significant place in the Indian economy because it has spread its wings far and wide. It is the fourth biggest industry in India after steel/iron, textile and engineering industry and manufactures over 70,000 commercial goods.

Chemicals are indeed a major part of both the agricultural as well as manufacturing sectors in India. However, in order to comprehend the quantum of Indian chemical imports, you are first required to understand the fact that there are two chief divisions within which chemical importers have to deal, viz. organic chemical imports as well as inorganic chemical imports. Whereas organic chemical imports largely give support to the agricultural sector; the inorganic chemicals are used in various sectors, such as the dyes and paint industry, including the manufacturing industries.

Following is a list of highly imported chemicals in India:

  1. Cyclic Hydrocarbons: Tops the list of chemicals demand in India.
  2. Caustic Soda: Used in the food industry, production of soaps and the treatment of water.
  3. Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate: Mainly required for plastic industry, this chemical is not manufactured in India and hence is required to be imported.
  4. Liquid Chlorine: Mainly used in the pharmaceutical sector and used as a disinfectant for drinking water as well as in the swimming pools.
  5. Acyclic Alcohols: It forms a sub category of organic chemicals and is greatly imported in India.

Importers in India also chiefly deal in oil followed by the chemical import, which is quite vast in India and therefore the import of chemicals also takes place on a large scale. So, let’s know what the top 10 chemical importers in India essentially deal in:

ü  Productive chemicals and adhesives

ü  Chemicals for Industrial surface coating

ü  Speciality Chemicals and Aromatic Flavours

ü  Raw material for coating and industrial paints

ü  Greases and Lubricant

ü  Resins, paint and coating chemicals

ü  Electric Insulation chemicals

ü  Heat treatment chemicals

ü  Varnishing chemicals and printing ink

ü  API and bulk drugs

Though there is no dearth of chemical importers, but going by the categorized as well as calculated date, top 10 chemical importers in India deal in chemicals that are in a great demand by various industries.

**India Export Import Data; Post 2004 as per notification no 128/2004 does not have names of Indian   companies.

**India Export Import Data is available from Jan-2010 to 26th November-2016.