Global traders are overwhelmed with data regarding their customers, projects, internal and external business processes, suppliers, competitors and much more.   It often becomes difficult for them to leverage this flood of data.  To convert this data into something useful that can help them in growing the revenue and in making wise decisions, business intelligence tools are used.
Undoubtedly business intelligence market is very vivacious and is continuously growing to cater to the ever expanding needs of the global traders.  Such tools process the India export data in such a way that it increases the profitability and efficiency of the business. Business intelligence tools like Nitwa help the businesses to transform their global trade data into information to meet the analytical needs of their business.
•    The main challenge faced by the global traders is their inability to handle the India export data and other numerous operational systems of the organization.  That’s why they have started using these tools to bring an automated and streamlined approach to their day-to-day working.
•    With the help of these business intelligence tools, global traders can unlock the dormant lying goldmines of their business.
•    Exporters are integrating their business intelligence tools and ERP software to make informed decisions, to improve performance and to reduce costs.
•    Furthermore, it helps the traders to analyze the historical data and to make further use out of it by making wise decisions.  One can easily predict the future opportunities as well as risks.
All in all with these business intelligence tools, full visibility of the organization can be achieved by detecting the underlying negative anomaly and then drilling the underlying root causes for the same. There are numerous providers who are offering various kinds of business intelligence tools to help the businesses in extracting information more effectively and efficiently.  As amount of global trade data continues to increase, large organizations are taking advantage of these business intelligence tools to gain competitive advantage over their competitors.
**India Export Import Data; Post 2004 as per notification no 128/2004 does not have names of Indian   companies.
**India Export Import Data is available from Jan-2010 to 26th November-2016.