Functioning under the banner of the ministry of finance, Central Board of Excise and Customs or CEBC is a part of the Department of Revenue run by the Government of India. The prime objective of the board is to formulate policies concerning levy and collection of Customs and Central Excise duties, and prevention of smuggling and administration of matters related to foreign trade and Narcotics. These are direct taxes levied on the importers and exporters of the country depending on the type of transactions. Several factors like product, quantity, port of origin, port of destination, etc are considered for evaluating the amount of the tax. Besides taking care of such revenues, CEBC also looks after the administration and development of international trading scenarios in the country.

Central Board of excise and customs is the major regulatory board of
India, which is largely involved in import export business, compelling custom tariffs, anti dumping duty and safeguard duty. CEBC has established its regional headquarters in all the five different zones of India to take care of its activities and establish efficient management of the import export industry. These regional offices deal with numerous task of the board including:

  • Facilitation of outside country movements
  • Collection of Customs and Central excise duties
  • Enforcing scheme for levy, assessment and collection of Service Tax
  • Prevention of smuggling and other illicit activities
  • Promote the development of international trading
  • Monitoring the administration matters
  • Prevention of Narcotics
  • Providing factual information in support of the Freedom of Information Act

One of the prime objectives of the board is to adopt best practices and reorganize the duty tariffs and regulatory acts to ensure the monitoring of goods that are being imported and exported from the country. It ensures that the documents are properly filed along with the receipt of payment, analysis of declarations and returns. In order to inform the citizens about any changes or updates in the existing system, CEBC issues manuals, forms, notifications, and circulars / Instructions. Some of these declarations contain important announcements for import export traders. Therefore, every traders involved in international transactions must keep himself/herself fully updated about these announcements. For example – in a particular notification, it might be declared that export or import activities from Nigeria are fully banned for a particular period because of some political issues. Under these circumstances, those traders who are dealing with Nigerian exporters/importers must cease all their deals. Trading against the policies and guidelines of CEBC is a punishable act that can lead to imprisonment and fine. It is mandatory for every Indian trader to adhere to the guidelines and policies of the board.

You can easily check the latest announcements made by the board on its website or the websites of online database companies like Infodrive India. All the latest updates and announcements made by Central Board of excise and customs are promptly updated on these sites.