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Process Plant on Turnkey Basis From System Engineers

Raytheon Inc asked: Process engineering is applied into chemical processing,  pharmaceutical processing, Cement processing plant, Paper/ Packaging/ Leather/ Wood/ BOPP tapes/ Floor Tiles, Paint/ Paper/ Leather/ Flocking & non woven, Auxiliary Chemicals, Sizing Agents, Blinders for Dyeing & Printing and finishing of Textiles and etc..There is one such organization is there which deal in […]

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Drive Smart, Save Money

Zouking asked: THERE is nothing like a petrol price hike to increase the urban myths on how to save fuel. Check out these claims and asks the experts.Myth 1 : Petrol expands in hot weather, so fill up in the cooler early morningFinding : FalseA spokesman for chevron, which operate a gas station, says […]

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The Importance of Religion Among People’s Supplication

Kh. Atiar Rahman asked: There is no denying the fact that ‘Faith integrated upon a religion may perhaps be idiosyncratic conviction in a god or gods’ which exist in the sore traditional activity of human being as one is supposed to activate one’s perpetual faith by continuous supplication as a tentative flow. Some religions […]

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Features of an Ideal Export Documentation Software

Smit Mathur asked: In the midst of growing markets due to globalization of trade, exporters find themselves faced with a unique problem: Documentation. From accounts to client reports, statutory files to inventory records – documentation of records seems to be a never ending tiring process. To simplify the process of documentation and simultaneously lend a […]

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Where Do Animals Come From?

Andrew Tomkinson asked: ost of us know about animals? The answer is very little. There are almost two million species of animals on this planet today and their continued survival after one billion years is testament to their endurance and brilliance. At one extreme they are the big cats and elephants that most of […]

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