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Business Opportunities

What to do When Profits Start Stagnating?

Mr. Gupta has a large scale set up of export of handicrafts in Moradabad. The business was started by his grandfather and it is now third generation running the business.

Over years of business, they turned themselves around and became highly successful. Their factories had grown bigger and better, employing thousands of workers and huge investments were made […]

What Price You Should Quote to Your Overseas Buyer??

Manoj Dua, VP Exports was chasing a large order from reputed buyer in Europe for an year and finally the moment of truth arrived. Buyer asked to quote the price.

Now Manoj was very confused.

If he quotes high which he thinks, is the price that quality of product deserves, he may lose the order or […]

Are Competitors Eating Away Your Market Share ?

We are all aware that once Nokia was the undisputed leader of the mobile handset market. It virtually ruled the market with a lion’s share, with competition coming nowhere close and on top of it Nokia had a huge loyal customer base.

Had Nokia made a fatal mistake of ignoring what competition was doing, what […]

Textile importers and exporters data–Boosting your international business links

Indian textile importers and exporters have been doing substantial amount of trading with USA textile importers and exporters. Though the textile products of the country are liked a lot in the entire global market, but a major share of the business comes from United States of America.

Indian textile and Garment Industry has been growing […]

International Trade Info-Important tool for the Jewelry Exporters

Jewelry Exporters of India are excited about the rising opportunities in the International jewelry market. Relaxed norms and guidelines of concerned authorities have further added to the development of international jewelry trade in the country.

Jewelry or ornamentation is one of the most prior requirements for adorning a Woman. Women are simply in love with […]